Trap Metal artists:

Trap metal (also known as ragecore, death rap, industrial trap and scream rap) is a fusion genre that combines elements of trap music and heavy metal, as well as elements of other genres, like industrial and nu metal.
It is characterized by distorted beats, hip hop flows, harsh vocals, and down tuned heavy metal guitars.
Bones has been considered by Kerrang! to be one of the earliest practitioners of the genre, performing trap metal tracks beginning around 2014.
British rapper Scarlxrd is often associated with the genre and is considered a pioneer of trap metal.
WQHT described OG Maco's 2014 eponymous EP as being a part of the genre's early development.
Other artists associated with trap metal include Dropout Kings, Bone Crew, Ghostemane, ZillaKami, Fever 333, Ho99o9, City Morgue, Kid Bookie, Rico Nasty, Kim Dracula, and $uicideboy$, as well as the early careers of XXXTentacion, 6ix9ine and Ski Mask the Slump God.
Some artists such as Ho99o9, ZillaKami and 6ix9ine are also influenced by hardcore punk, whereas Ghostemane's music contains elements of black metal, gothic rock and emo.

Stylistic origins:
Heavy Metal
Nu Metal

Typical instruments:
Vocals (rapping, screaming)
Electric guitar
Drum machine (Roland TR-808)
Distortion (effect)

Related genres:
Digital Hardcore
Emo Rap
Cloud Rap
Industrial Hip Hop

Last updated: 2021/06/11